Visual Content with a Purpose

Flapjack Digital Media maximises the opportunities presented to business by the world of social media, using a visual-first strategy.

With so many digital marketing options available, understanding which social media platform to use and how best to use it can be difficult and time consuming. Does Facebook really reach out to the people you want to see your product? Or should you be putting your efforts into Instagram or Twitter?

Do you need LinkedIn for your company or even Snapchat? Don't have time to write a blog? Youtube v Periscope? Unsure how this connects with your SEO strategy? Allow us to help.  

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Research shows that visual content leverages 35% increased engagement with posts on social media, which is why Flapjack Digital Media makes visual content the centrepiece of your social strategy. 

We create professional visual content and advise on how best to deploy it, so that your followers won't just enjoy looking at your social media posts, but will feel compelled to share and promote them.

From the start of your project, FDM will establish what kinds of visual content will be most impactful on your clients and strategically implement this across different social media channels to maximum effect.

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Check out a few examples of how we've put the chocolate chip into our clients' social media strategy and contact us now to discuss how FDM's visual-first approach can help your business.

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