L&V Art and Design

Specialising in 20th Century furniture and ‘objets d’art’

Instagram is full of imagery reflecting healthy lifestyles, fashion, beauty, travel and so on. In order to succeed with L&V we needed to establish a following primarily of an older generation (35+) who are interested in antiques and luxury items - not something normally associated with Instagram.

After instigating a strategy to attract an older generation of followers Flapjack have successfully organically grown the account from 318 to presently just over 8000 in one year.  

With L&V successfully shipping product we decided the best way to capture content was to organise photography at their trade shows and utilise the stand set up L&V had created.

Engagement has been crucial and therefore the need for the followers to be inspired by the photography critical, as showing an item in an average photo would potentially tarnish its appeal regardless of its beauty.

After one year on Instagram, Flapjack has achieved :

160,000 impressions 

63,000 unique impressions

26,000 profile views

Microsoft Word - Followers2.docx

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